Kinesiology Training

Kinesiology Training

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Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Training

I teach Kinesiology to foundation level on behalf of the Progressive Kinesiology Academy UK. The Foundation Course is up to 60 hours of training with Assessment. This certificate entitles you to entry onto the Progressive Kinesiology Practitioner Course and is recognised by The Kinesiology Federation.

The majority of the training comes directly from the original source and is based on the wisdom laid down by Dr. John Thie in his vision for bringing good health to the whole world, which he called Touch for Health (TFH). TFH comes from Applied Kinesiology as developed by Dr. George Goodheart and we honour Dr. John Thie’s dedication for bringing this wonderful healing tool to our everyday lives and for giving us the opportunity to share this with others. Our Foundation Course is based on the original Touch for Health Training, plus incorporates the taking of case notes, home study and assessment to ensure professionalism to our very high standards.

The Progressive Kinesiology Foundation Course is studied in modules, starting with the essential ‘hands on’ at the beginning, to the final module where you will be able to perform a Kinesiology balance on another person and use practical, holistic methods of assisting yourself and others. We work to the principle of holistic balance (in all things) and assist the mind, body and spirit to use its own built-in wisdom to re-balance and restore health and emotional well-being wherever possible. We believe in helping people take back responsibility for their own life and actions and offer a helping hand to allow others to achieve this for themselves. Foundation Progressive Kinesiology is the beginning of a journey on a path of understanding the beauty and wisdom of our body, mind and soul purpose. 

The course comprises 8 days (four modules) training plus one assessment day.  For further details,  course dates and fees please visit the Progressive Kinesiology Academy website

Very professional training
Andrea is a very supportive and knowledgeable tutor
and I would highly recommend her.

2018 Course dates:

Module 1 - 10th and 11th March                                 Module 2 - 7th and 8th April

Module 3 - 12th and 13th May                                     Module 4 - 9th and 10th June

Assessment - 1st July

Course Fees: £1195 - Payment options available

To apply, contact Andrea Ward at or use the contact page