Kinesiology Treatments



What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle monitoring (or testing) to communicate directly with the person’s body. It draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as integrating other therapies and healing modalities. The treatment is carried out fully clothed, and takes about one hour.

Muscle Monitoring/Testing is the principle tool used in a Kinesiology treatment. By applying gentle pressure to a contracted muscle the therapist can evaluate its function to help determine the treatment needed for the individual.

Treatment may involve nutritional advice, localised massage, meridian or acupressure techniques, homeopathy, joint manipulation, counselling and evaluation of environmental irritants. Treatments are usually carried out on a monthly basis.

We are all unique both in a physical sense and in the experiences of our lives. My aim is to support you as you face life’s challenges to help you achieve balance, wellbeing and better health. Each treatment is as unique as the individual.

Who can benefit?
People of all ages and fitness levels can be treated. Those who cannot be muscle tested directly such as babies, can be tested using a surrogate. Even healthy people can benefit from Kinesiology treatments.

What are the benefits?
By balancing the whole system, Kinesiology facilitates the body’s own self-healing process. The gentle yet powerful techniques used can can restore and maintain health and wellbeing on an emotional and physical level.

What to expect during a treatment
Your first Kinesiology treatment will take approximately 1 1/2 hours (including a 30 minute consultation) and subsequent treatments are 1 hour.

Treatments are carried out full clothed, usually laying on a treatment couch so that I can perform muscle tests that are appropriate for you. The treatment is totally non-invasive and at the end of the treatment I will go through any exercises, nutrition or homeopathy that I recommend for you (you should check with your GP or specialist if you are receiving any medication or medical treatment before taking nutritional supplements or homeopathy).

How many treatments will I need?
As everyone is unique this will really depend upon the individual but I would recommend that you start with 3 treatments, one month apart.